What is the SparePowered Community?

You might be wondering what our community is about, don't worry! We have the answer for you. Our community is built up of countless modders, programmers & gamers. We've been building up our community for rougly 3 years, gaining 57,558 subscribers on YouTube. We continue to bring out wonderful content to our community, involving modding, programming & gaming. Let's use this as an example, we record & edit simplistic programming videos, giving our community a look of what programming contains, this involves full tutorials on languages such as Lua, C++, C#, JavaScript & many more different languages. We also record videos such as Mod Trolling, Modding Tutorials, Gaming Videos & more. Why not check out the website? You're missing out!

Most Trusted Community

We've reached multiple milestones from our legitimacy & every single one of our projects has succeeded. Our former projects were made for a platform known as Roblox, but we will no longer be releasing any projects for Roblox as of November 19, 2018. The projects we've developed have gained us over 50,000 wonderful subscribers on YouTube, bringing the community some trustworthy reputation. Don't hesitate using our website for resources, we're trusted!

What do we supply?

You receive a lot of wonderful features for accessing our website. We're not joking, it's true. We have a list of those features, so check it out!

Guaranteed Safety

Are you worried about getting your information compromised, downloading malicious assets or even purchasing some products that may or may not be legitimate? Don't worry, we only post legitimate assets on our website. You're safe!

Lightning Fast Support

Are you tired of waiting 48-72 hours for a reply? You no longer have to wait long to get a reply, our support team will reply back in 6-24 hours from the time your email was sent, you contact our support through our "Contact Us" page. Don't hesitate to contact us, we reply to User Support, Business Inquiries or Copyright Infringement emails.

Verified Assets

Our team checks over every asset that goes through our website. We reverse, test & use the programs to verify the safety of our community. You don't have to worry about those illegitimate assets anymore, just get the legitimate assets from us. Why not be safe than sorry? Check out everything on our website!

Tons of Free Assets

Have you ever looked in your bank account and noticed you never had any money? Don't worry, we have tons of free assets on our website. You don't always have to pay, you know. Some stuff is free and we have verified free assets. So don't worry about those malicious free assets from other websites anymore!